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Gone in 60 seconds… Conference Time-Lapse

by Lettice

Gone in 60 seconds… Conference Time-Lapse

Watch our time-lapse video for a sneak peek at how Lettice excel at conference catering for over 1200 guests. Just wait for the reveal...

Our stacked food pods are the perfect way to feed a huge number of guests in a very short space of time. Freshly prepared bowl food, wraps and sandwiches are stacked in layers ready to go and covered by our eye-catching neon cloches. When its time for guests to eat, the cloches are lifted and guests can simply walk up to the nearest pod and help themselves to whatever takes their fancy.

No waiting, no queues, no cumbersome buffet points!

_MG_0113   _MG_9776   _MG_0071

On the menu:

Wild Salmon with Baby Roasted Beetroot & Horseradish Crème Fraîche

Piri Piri Marinated Chicken with Jewelled Saffron Rice & Fine Tomato Salsa 

Crispy Duck Salad with Hoi Sin Dressing, Shredded Spring Onion & Cucumber

Wild Salmon with Baby Roasted Beetroot & Horseradish Crème Fraîche

Greek Salad with Kalamata Olives, Barrel Aged Feta & Wild Oregano

Rosemary Focaccia, Salt Roasted Chicken, Cob Lettuce & Lemon Mayo

Basil Flat Bread, Oven Roasted Sweet Tomato, Creamy Mozzarella & Ripped Basil

  _MG_0046   _MG_0127

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Let us show you why Lettice is the only choice to make your conference the one to remember.

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