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Burns Night Feasting

by Chrissy Mclean

Burns Night Feasting

We held a fantastic event for a company’s annual Burns Night. The event started with a drinks reception by the bar where the guests were offered a shot of traditional buckfast and then the guests were led into the main room where the haggis ceremony took place. There were different food stalls filled with an abundance of delicious food. We had a meat stall, a seafood stall and a grazing cheese and vegetable stall. The guests really loved the fact they had such a huge amount of choice and it was great for networking as people could mingle and walk between the stalls. The evening ended with a nitro dessert station which incorporate Burns night flavoured and toppings into the desserts.

Testimonial: Client was supper happy with the event – great food & drinks in a great venue and plenty of networking going on. May I thank you, Holly and the whole Lettice team for – once again – getting behind our event with creativity, enthusiasm…and patience! We will be back next year!


Fish stall



Large peeled prawns

Bloody mary prawn cocktail with smashed avocado

Side of smoked salmon

Mackerel Pate

Smoked salmon pate

Smoked haddock scotch egg

Artisan breads

Saffron Aoli

Bloody mary ketchup

Mary rose sauce


Grazing stall

Macaroni scotch pies

Tattie scone and cheese toasties

Vegan sausage rolls

Veggie haggis, neeps and tattie stacks

Veggie scotch eggs

Caramelised parsnips, kale gratin and pearl barley

Scottish cheese and a selection of crackers

Grapes and celery sticks

Artisan Breads

Hot pear chutney

Quince Jelly

Clottie Samosa


Meat stall

Haggis scotch pies

Mutton scotch pies

Tattie scone lorne toasties

Venison sausage rolls

Haggis, neeps and tattie stacks

Haggis scotch eggs

Roast beef carpaccio on grilled sourdough bruschetta

Roast of scotch lamb meatballs and caramelised onions, parsnips and kale

Cock a leeke kebab

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