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Lettice How To: Organise a Wimbledon Themed Event

June 18, 2018

by Lettice

Lettice How To: Organise a Wimbledon Themed Event

Wimbledon is approaching and we all love to watch the athletes do what they do best. You might have missed the ballot for centre court tickets, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out! Why not host your own Wimbledon themed summer viewing party in your office (or in the comfort of your own home)? Here is our step-by-step guide to set a wonderful Wimbledon wonderland!

picnic wimbledon

Bringing the fun of Wimbledon to a corporate event.

First on our list for a Wimbledon themed event, is the office decorations. In order for your colleagues to feel as if they are at Wimbledon, it needs to look as if they are at Wimbledon. What better way to have some waiters and bartenders dressed as ballboys? Since 2006, the uniform has been a classic blue Ralph Lauren polo shirt and shorts/skirts, and white trainers with a peak cap, and sweat-bands to add to the effect.

Once the uniform has been sorted, let’s get on to the actual decor for the office. You can keep it simple by adding pieces of astroturf around the office, as well as some nets and tennis rackets hanging from the wall with tennis balls spread around the office. Some yellow and white flowers are also another easy way to fill the room up!


Wimbledon Turf Decor

Dress code:

Since it’s Wimbledon, keep it classic with an “all white” theme. If you have created teams within the office, why not add a splash of colour by separating teams with different coloured headbands?


Once you’ve sorted out the feel of the room, let’s incorporate some games to “break-the-ice” with the colleagues. Table tennis is always a winner in the office as, not only does it blow a little steam, it allows for some friendly competition to arise, setting the tone for the rest of the matches throughout the day.

Wimbledon Food


Our favourite part of any event – the food! Keep it simple with picnic themed snacks, as it saves time and allows everyone to eat and mingle simultaneously. Their eyes’ will be glued to the television during the matches, so think more “finger food” than “three-course meal”. Eton mess would be appropriate to the Wimbledon theme, and picnic classics which you can easily pass around, such as British Blinis.  Our corporate event planning team are ready to create your perfect bespoke Wimbledon menu so get in touch to find out more.


Last, but certainly not least, the drinks! Keep it quintessentially British, with drinks such as Prosecco, Pimms, and Gin & Tonics. Why not try out top three favourite gin and tonic recipes featured in our “how to” guide for World Gin Day 2018.

gin and tonic strawberry

Planning on hosting your office party? Give us a call today for more inspiration!