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Top Tips for Choosing a Corporate Event Planner

July 18, 2017

by Lettice

Top Tips for Choosing a Corporate Event Planner

Finding the perfect corporate event planner for your company is key. Take a look at our 5 top tips designed to help you find the best corporate caterers and event designers.

Experience is key: Would you hire someone to fix your car who had never done it before? Probably not! Well, the same goes for event planning and choosing a caterer. Look for how long the company has been trading for, what sort of events they usually work on and don’t forget to ask for some case studies or reviews of similar events. You could also look for testimonials to find out what previous clients have said.

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Get the look: Are you looking for funky, sophisticated or original presentation? You want to know that you’re getting the right style for your event, so check out their Instagram feed. It may also give you a feel for the sort of portion sizes you would get.

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The personal touch: Do you get on with the person or people handling your enquiry? You are going to be relying on this person a lot so make sure it’s someone you feel comfortable with. After all, you are likely to be spending a lot of money on your event and you need to be able to trust the person handling it for you!

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Keep it consistent: Perhaps you prefer to have the same account manager handling each of your events, or the same person managing onsite. If so, you should look for a smaller company with a focus on personal service, as a larger firm is likely to pass you from a sales manager to a planner, and then to an operations manager for the actual event.

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Work with passion: Working in events is more than a full-time job, it’s a lifestyle, and in this industry you’ve got to love what you do. If your event planner doesn’t sound like they’re excited about your event, especially if you want your guests to feel excited about it, perhaps it’s time to look elsewhere…

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