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Postponing your wedding – everything you need to know and how to stay calm whilst doing it.

March 31, 2020

by Lettice

Postponing your wedding – everything you need to know and how to stay calm whilst doing it.

Due to COVID-19 many weddings and events are postponing, although it is a very upsetting decision to have to make, there are some tips and pointers to help the re-arrangement go as smoothly as possible.

Remember to keep calm and level headed, this situation is out of your control but you can do a number of things to help ease the process. Just remember that even though it might have to happen on a different day than expected you are still going to have your dream wedding.

First check your wedding insurance policy, what does it cover you for and how can you make a claim if you need to.

Contact your venue for possible dates in the future. If you are having trouble finding availability try to be open minded and consider holding your wedding on an off-peak day. Your suppliers are much more likely to be available on a Friday that a Saturday next summer.

Your suppliers want you to have your special day, most are small business who rely on each weddings to keep them going. Find out their terms with regards to postponement. Many are offering the opportunity to roll your deposit over to a new date under these special circumstances.

Talk to your primary suppliers first such as your caterer and photographer and see which of the new dates they can do. Then you can reach out to the other suppliers who are able to accommodate more than one wedding at a time such as your wedding cake baker and furniture hire companies.

You also want to consider your guests at this time. If you are having a large wedding it is impossible to consult all guests but do get in touch with your VIPs. Immediate relatives, the bridal party and very close friends should have their calendars consulted.

Once you have settled on your new date tell the rest of your guests as soon as possible. The more notice you give them the more chance they have of being able to attend.

Now that you have a new timeline you may want to rethink some details. Approach this with and open mind, this is a chance to add some extras you might not have had time to before. If you have changed season, do you want to make some new additions to your flower choices and décor? Think of the positives, if you didn’t get round to your DIY wedding crafts, now you have the time!


The most important thing to remember is that you are still going to marry the love of your life and it will definitely be worth the wait!