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Lettice’s Food and Drink trends to look out for in 2019

December 4, 2018

by Lettice

Lettice’s Food and Drink trends to look out for in 2019

November is a particularly health-conscious month; hosting vegan and diabetes month, sugar awareness and alcohol awareness week. We have tracked the latest trends of 2019 to help you feel amazing. The link between wellness and food is as important as ever with an emphasis on the provenance of food bought. Lettice has put together some of the best super-foods that will be making the headlines this year.


Super Powders and Berrys

Delicious and infamously healthy, the qualities of the Goji berry, have made it popular in healthy recipes. This trend shows no signs of slowing down, however, the qualities of the Maqui berry, may see this sister berry take prominence in 2019. The Maqui is low in sugar and crammed with antioxidants. Not only is it a milder flavour to the Goji berry, it also helps with regulating blood sugar levels, so you can snack away guilt-free while kicking your sugar cravings.

Maca and Moringa powders have extraordinary properties and health benefits, which could see them take over next year. Benefits include anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, boosting fertility, increased energy levels and aiding in weight loss. Maca powder is also popular amongst celebrities, as it is supercharged with a wide range of antioxidants, and is said to aid hair and nail growth. Truly amazing!



Bowl Based Foods

The bowl isn’t just for cereal and soup, the rise of healthy bowl-eating is set to rise in 2019. The likes of breakfast smoothie bowls and layered healthy dishes with proteins, lentils, grains and vegetables, topped with dips, have all become extremely popular. This has been propelled by Meghan and Harry who incorporated the bowl trend into their wedding day, by breaking tradition and having bowl food at their lunchtime reception. A few instagramable favourites are the taco bowl, vegan buddha bowl, Hawaiian Poké bowl and Ramen bowl.


Probiotics and fermented products

Kimchi and Kefir have taken our shelves by storm this year, rising steadily since coming on the scene in 2016. Their popularity could be based on may things, but they are primarily well know for their digestive health benefits, not to mention their packed full of good bacteria’s. With gut health being focussed on as a key to well-being, kefir has been proven to aid gut health due to its bacterial diversity and it contains 30 different microorganisms. Kefir is also low in sugar which ties into another health-conscious trend that is set to take off in 2019.

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Pacific Rim Fruits

According to the upmarket food chain, Pacific Rim flavours are set to dominate the shelves next year. Heavily influenced by Asia, Oceania and the western coasts of North and South America – the likes of colourful fruits including guava, dragon fruit, star fruit and passion-fruit, are among people’s favourites. Sugar and meat substitutes are increasing in popularity with Jackfruit being famously used as a replacement for pulled pork, while luo han guo – a sweet-tasting fruit – is now used as a natural sweetener.


Marine Munchies

Whole foods have predicted that seaweed snacks will be out and other items rich in Omega-3’s like seaweed butter, kelp noodles, salmon skins and kelp jerky will take over. Despite seaweed being the “new kale” ingredients such as water lily seeds, kelp, algae and sea fennel will appear in numerous snacks. Crispy salmon skins with tuna tataki, ponzu jellies and wasabi cream would not only make an amazing canapé for any event, but would also be packed with nutritional benefits.


Non-alcoholic beverages and botanicals

As alcohol free drinks become more mainstream, and with dry January around the corner, there is no better time to get reacquainted with your drinks trolley. Stay sober for alcohol awareness week and go for a mocktail rather than a cocktail. Be sure to wow your guests with the likes of Peter Spanton’s acai port-alternative. Botanical drinks are another fruity alternative as they are infused with natural fruit extracts. Amongst the most popular flavours to wet your palette and are forecasted to storm the shelves next year are infused with juniper, lemon balm and cardamom.


Instagrammable Accents

Consumer’s, particularly millennials, are becoming increasingly concerned with how their food looks, as much as how it tastes. The more elaborate, colourful and over the top, the more likely your dish, canapés or drink are to become popular. With Instagram being the most popular medium for all those picture-perfect dishes, “Foodies” have taken to the gram to promote anything they think is Instagram worthy. They don’t think twice about standing on tables and chairs to get the perfect angle, even if this means their food gets cold. People are now increasingly “eating with their eyes” so to ensure you remain competitive, new more decorative and creative ideas must be implemented.


Eco-conscious packaging and no plastic purchases

With the plastic pollution crisis at an all-time high, campaigns for a plastic free life are set to increase drastically for the future. According to a Guardian investigation, plastic production is set to double in the next 20 years and quadruple by 2050. With this in mind, small changes such as using metal straws, re-usable shopping bags, keep cups and none plastic water bottles, are a few of the variation’s individuals can make to ensure a reduction in plastic continues. These small changes from the food and drink industries are some of the fastest growing trends in tackling the plastic crisis. Other industries must follow suit in a joint venture to overcome the scale of the problem.