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Lettice How To: Host a Garden Party

May 20, 2018

by Lettice

Lettice How To: Host a Garden Party

With the weather forecasted to stay above 20 degrees this week, we wouldn’t be true Londoners if we weren’t getting ahead of ourselves by planning a garden party! If you’re thinking of hosting your own this summer but not sure where to start, we’ve penned our top tips on hosting a garden soirée your friends will love…

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The food:

Garden parties are about mingling rather than sitting down to a meal; bite-sized canapés, finger food and sharing platters should dominate the menu. For the ingredients, keep it seasonal and fresh, such as tomato and feta pesto bites or roasted red pepper and halloumi skewers.

Of course, don’t forget the sweets! But if baking isn’t your forte, don’t stress, we promise it’s still possible to impress your friends. Simply pick up something fresh from your local bakery or market and garnish it yourself at home with edible flowers, fresh berries and cream or passion fruit pulp. Why not treat your guests to some delicious biscuits from our sister company, Biscuiteers!

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The drinks:

Keep it simple with classic summer mixes such as Gin & Tonic with freshly picked rosemary from the garden, or Aperol Spritz with a generous wedge of orange straight from the tree. Non-alcoholic options could include elderflower with soda water and a slice of cucumber or a sparkling rosewater lemonade with fresh mint.

Cocktail jugs are both a crowd-pleaser and something that can be prepared easily before your guests arrive. Pimms is a Lettice favourite and should be enjoyed in the garden with friends as well as whilst watching Wimbledon this summer. There are lots of variations of this classic concoction, but we love this one the most:


1 small cucumber, sliced into thin ribbons

A handful of sliced strawberries

1 orange, sliced thinly

1 lemon, sliced thinly

A handful of mint sprigs

250ml Pimms No.1

1l lemonade

1l soda water

Ice cubes to serve


1. Place cucumber, strawberry, orange, lemon, mint and ice in a large jug.

2. Pour over the Pimms and then top with lemonade and soda water.

Looking for more cocktail inspiration? Check out this tasty and super simple Prosecco Margarita Cocktail!      

The décor:

Mismatching and ‘less is more’ gets the Lettice tick of approval this garden party season. Sharing platters, canapé stands and vases of freshly picked flowers should adorn the tables and festoon lighting should hang between the trees.

If you are hosting a more casual affair, we love picnic rugs, bean bags, lawn games and quirky DIY drink stations, such as ‘Pimp your Prosecco’.

Finally, the most important piece of advice we can give as event planners – have a wet weather contingency plan; this is London after all!

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Each year we throw a garden party for one of our favourite clients, check out last year’s affair here.

If you’re ready to start planning your own summer celebration, get in touch with our luxury catering London team who can provide you with everything you need to host the perfect garden soiree…