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Halloween Event Ideas 2018: Lettice’s top 5 Halloween party and decoration ideas

October 11, 2018

by Lettice

Halloween Event Ideas 2018: Lettice’s top 5 Halloween party and decoration ideas

October is finally upon us, and the highly anticipated Halloween is dawning. It’s time to start planning the most extravagant party of the year. Halloween is now the third most popular festival in the UK behind Christmas and Easter, but no other seasonal gathering allows you to push the boundaries to such extremes. With this is mind, Lettice have conjured up five fantasies, that provide amazing decorative scope. Transform your space, transcend the realm of the living, and throw a party people will remember.


Haunted Hotel

Re-create this classic, with an ominous but stylish hotel. By scattering vintage framed black and white photos throughout, as well as the odd skeleton, one can create a sense of age, and deceased former guests. Urns and taxidermy will also add to the disturbing effect of a haunted hotel. Keep the lights low, with flickering candles and drapes.

Table decoration should consist of glittery black ravens, black roses and glass domes. Neon signs will add a trendy nightclub feel, while keeping it like a spooky motel. A balloon staircase feature is a great idea and can be easily used to decorate, while still having an impressive impact. Your hotel should come equipped with a bewitched bar so that guests can help themselves to prepared clear decanters with spooky labels. Add vintage potion bottles for added spine-tingling effect.


 Day of the dead festival

Quantity is key! Make a shrine to the dead with an abundance of skulls infused with bright flowers and kitsch fabrics. Use a skull as your centre piece with colourful flowers such as sunflowers, and fuchsia marigolds pouring out. Mix this with a few metallic dolorosa jewelled candles and potted cactus for a show stopping table. This contrast of objects symbolising death, with fluorescent colours, pays tribute to traditional Mexican macabre celebrations of ‘the day of the dead’.




Murder at the Four Dueces Mystery Dinner Party

Engage and entertain your guests with a 1920’s murder mystery party everyone will be dying to attend. Set the scene with dark and mysterious dinnerware; add cobwebs, white pumpkins and skeletons to contrast the black. Have murder weapons such as a knife or gun peeking out of flowers and use them to create a mysterious centre piece on the table. Dinner should be served by candle light to set the mood and drinks, should be served in glass bottles labelled poison along with a champagne tower. After supper begin to introduce the clues, bringing the classic game to life and enjoy a night of murder, mystery and mayhem.



Fortune Tellers Lair

Think rich velvety jewel tones with a Moroccan twist, crystal balls and draping cloth ceilings to give the effect that you are in a Bedouin tent. Mix Ethereal and celestial fabrics with amethyst purple, emerald green and gold crockery.  Adorn your table with bright vibrant flowers in gold jugs and peacock feathers, muddled up with Moroccan style lanterns and twinkling candles. Rather than simply telling tales of the spirits, give attendees the chance to contact them by hosting a séance.



Enchanted forest fairy-tale

We love the idea of bringing the outdoors inside, but adding a gothic twist in the spirit of Halloween. Use decadent iron candle arbour’s with dripping candles, and foliage scattered on the table to create a woodland in your dining room. Drinks should be pre-prepared in crystal decanter’s and served in Goblets to add an enchanted medieval touch to the event. Use gold cutlery so that they twinkle among the abundance of green laid on the table. Deer skulls and antlers add a touch of the outdoors, along with wooden plinths used to serve the food for a deathly forest feel.


Halloween Inspired Cocktail Ideas 


Wake the dead – Mix tequila, Kahlua and two shots of cold espresso with ice to create martini shots. For an extra kick add chilli to give it an extra kick.



(Half-baked harvest)

The Graveyard Digger – Mix together 1 ½ ounces of silver tequila, 21/2 ounces cranberry juice,1/2-ounce orange liqueur, ½ ounce lemon juice, 1 tablespoon of maple syrup, ginger beer to top and thyme to garnish. For an added unnerving surprise put blueberry’s in lychees, to make spooky eyeballs to bob around in your guests’ cocktails.



Black Magic – Make with 2 ounces vodka, 1-ounce blue curacao and ½ ounce black raspberry liqueur with a twist of lemon to garnish or a stick of blackberries. Dip the rim of the glass in lemon juice and then black sugar for added drama.


Witches Brew – Made with a shot of elderflower liqueur, 1 shot of violet liqueur, lemon juice, pink cava or prosecco and 1 lemon peel twist or edible violet flowers to garnish. For the glitter effect add edible glitter that you can purchase from any crafts store, to give the exciting swirly glitter effect.


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Halloween Playlist:


“I put a spell on you” MARILYN MANSON


“Hungry like the wolf” DURAN DURAN

“Voodoo child” JIMI HENDRIX

“Scary Monsters” DAVID BOWIE

“Black magic woman” FLEETWOOD MAC

“Halloween” AQUA


“Creep” TLC


“Ghost riders in the sky” JOHNNY CASH

“I put a spell on you” SCREAMIN’ JAY HAWKINS

“Halloween” MISFITS


“Dead Mans party” OINGO BOINGO

“Superstition” STEVIE WONDER

“Sympathy for the devil” THE ROLLING STONES

“Bat out of hell” MEAT LOAF


“This place hotel (a.k.a. Heartbreak Hotel)” THE JACKSONS