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Food & Drink: Get Your Freak On

May 11, 2017

by Lettice

Food & Drink: Get Your Freak On

The drink of the moment (is it a ‘drink? we would call it more of a ‘feast’) is definitely the Freakshake. With a traditional milkshake as its heart, these adorned explosions of flavour and colour are popping up on menus everywhere from Dalston to Dulwich.

A balancing act of epic proportions, glasses are piled high with cream, doughnuts, biscuits, brownies, cherries, even bacon and burgers have made there way on to these epic concoctions. Its seems that the freakier the better!

Lettice gives you the low down on the best places to enjoy these freaky drinks and we recreate our own baby version, perfect to add a little freakishness to your next canapé party!

Maxwells Bar And Grill – Covent Garden

Maxwell Bar and Grill Maxwells Bar and Grilll 1Maxwells Bar and Grilll 2

With an ever changing Freakshake Menu, this all American diner are champions at concocting bold and original creations. From the Salted Caramel Donut Freakshake to the Cookie Monster Milkshake, Maxwell’s know how to get their freak on!

Sensations – Holloway Road 

Sensastions 1SensastionsSensations 2

With toppings including waffles, banoffee, Ferrero Rocher and rich Belgian chocolate sauce, this north London staple is King of the Holloway Road when it comes to the Freakshake. With a complimenting menu of waffles, crepes, sundaes and smoothies, Sensations is a one stop shop for a taste explosion… just wear your loosest trousers!

Soft Serve Society – Bethnal Green

Soft Serve Society 1Soft Serve Society 2Soft Serve Society

This self proclaimed ‘fun loving bar’ in Shoreditch’s Box Park specialises in soft desserts in the most extraordinary array of flavours. From Matcha to Espresso with chargrilled marshmallows, these Freakshakes emit an East London cool.

Lettice Baby Freakshake

edit 2IMG_4699IMG_4717

We created our own baby version of the Lettice Freakshake made with salted caramel, Bailey’s Irish Cream, crushed hazelnuts, fresh fruit and chocolate dipped pretzels. Small enough for guests to enjoy whilst continuing to party the night away!

Want to add a little Freakishness to your own party? Get in touch with the Lettice Team today to get the ball rolling…