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Dreamy decorations for the perfect party

July 9, 2019

by Lettice

Dreamy decorations for the perfect party

With summer finally upon us, you can find us at Lettice Events sitting at our desks dreaming about the picture perfect summer party. With our calendar full of gorgeous garden parties, we have put together the must have decorations and details for the ultimate summer get together.



Nothing says party more than balloons, and with a little help from our friends Bubblegum balloons, we have impressed guests with some stunning installations. Whether you want them bright and colorful or simple and elegant, balloons always add to that fun party feelings.



Unique canapé trays

Here at Lettice Events, we love to wow our guests with delicious canapés. But before they enjoy the delicious food, their eyes are treated to a beautiful presentation with our unique serving trays. Our reflective mirror tray catches guests eyes with its pretty, natural colour and postbox trays stuffed with fresh flowers fit effortlessly into the environment.



Lettices’ favourite luxury marquees

Thanks to our friends at Raj Tents and InTent, Lettice is always dazzling guests with unique marquees that fit seamlessly into any summer gathering, day or night. Depending on what atmosphere you are trying to achieve, choose between shapes, colours, and sizes. The possibilities are endless!



Charming DIY Spaces

Every summer, Lettice creates cosy outdoor spaces where our guests can relax in style. Just throw together some vintage rugs, colorful pillows, and comfy deck chairs and you have a unique, welcoming place for your guests to sit and chat.



More delicate decorations

Jam jars are a summer party staple. What is great about jam jars, is how versatile they can be. From candle holders, vases, or even just to add some pretty touches of colour, jam jars can solve all your party problems while adding a cute touch to your get together.



Whether they are hanging from the ceiling, or lined down long tables, lanterns always create a dreamy ambiance. Travel to Morocco with an intricate golden design, or keep it traditional with a simple white, candle lit lantern. Either way, lanterns will add light into any room, literally or figuratively.