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10 wedding trends to look out for in 2019

January 14, 2019

by Lettice

10 wedding trends to look out for in 2019


Pastel and metallic colours 

The wedding colours of 2019 are forecasted to be mixing both pastels and metallics – we are likely to see combinations such as sage and silver, dusty blues and copper or pale rose and gold. You may choose to use foliage and pastel green tones contrasting with silver details such as your cutlery on the wedding table. Sage is a neutral and calming colour and pairing it with more leafy greens, romantic candles and silver accents would make the perfect combination for a rustic wedding.


Bringing nature inside & dramatic floral installations

Bringing the outside in at your wedding creates a magical botanical feel. Taking inspiration from the outdoors with lush grasses, vibrant leaves and freshly cut flowers is the perfect way to decorate for a memorable romantic day. By using an abundance of greenery and florals, along with delicate sprigs of foliage your wedding can be transported into a forest. Particularly on trend for 2019 are dramatic floral installations suspended from the ceiling or having large trees inside to surround your guests with nature.  


Scenting your wedding 

Having a scent for your wedding is very on trend for 2019. Adding fragrance to your wedding is another way to create a personal and immersive feel to the day and transform the atmosphere. Some of our favourites are Fornasetti Ortensia scented candle, Cire Trudon Ernesto scented candle, Diptyque Figuire scented candle and Byredo Bibliotheque candle. For an added personal touch create your own scent with your fiancé at Jo Loves for your wedding day.


Grazing table 

Traditional catering is so last year, do away with waiters and waitresses and have grazing tables at your wedding. The platters could have a spread of cheeses, antipasti, fruit and raw vegetables for your guests to help themselves too. This is not only less formal but also very stylish and colourful. 


Rustic floral cakes

Naked wedding cakes popularity are said to rise in 2019 as couples are loving the rustic and laid-back look. Another alternative is the edible flower cake which begun to grow in popularity with the rise of veganism. With an abundance of flowers, foliage and decorations both Naked and Flower Cakes are set to be the best in baked treats this year.


English seasonal flowers

Picking your flowers to match the season not only keeps the budget down but ensures the blooms are at their very best. From delicate pastel blooms in the height of summer to luxuriant rich buds in the cold winter, the right decorative combination can set the mood while adding a sumptuous aroma to your day.  A few of our summer seasonal favourites would be a mixture of foxgloves, freesias, godetia, peony’s and lavender among more fern-like flowers such as baby’s breath, verbena and Ammi. These would make for breath-taking ceiling instillations and picturesque centrepieces for your tables.


Drone videography and video mapping

Add a new dimension to your wedding day film and have a few aerial shots using a drone to remember your special day from every angle. Drones can capture different perspectives and angles that static film is unable to. Bring your wedding film into the 21st century and have something memorable that you will watch for years to come. Video mapping is in turn becoming more accessible and is the perfect way to transform a space inside and out. It allows you to project custom videos and images onto buildings and walls to create an ethereal atmosphere. The bride and groom will be able to set the mood and theme to decorate inside or out of the venue using a video mapping projector.


Bowl food or Tasting plates

Why not break tradition and have lots of delicious small plates and bowls of food. This became hugely popular when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle served bowl food at their lunchtime reception. Your guests can mingle and chat while enjoying a much larger range of food and you don’t have to worry about a seating plan!


Wedding Favours

Wedding favours are particularly popular in the US and Canada and Lettice think we are likely to see them grow in popularity in the UK for 2019. They are a perfect way thank your guests for attending and give them something to remember your special day forever. A wedding favour could be as simple as a small flower to something more extravagant like a bottle of champagne.

Our sister company Biscuiteers offer beautiful hand-iced biscuits which can be personalised with your guest’s names. A few of our favourites are fortune cookies, personalised lollipops, hangover kits, personalised mini Moët bottles, mini jams, personalised luggage tags, macaroons, seed bags, lavender bags and personalised wine stoppers.


Champagne Tiers

There cannot be a more elegant way to welcome your guests at your wedding than a champagne tower. Exciting, delicious and a little bit dangerous, make sure you have a professional assemble this for you. Champagne towers have been delighting guests for centuries and are the perfect way to start married life.